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About Thane

Known as the largest city located in India and the First highest populated city is Mumbai, Thane has a rich and varied historic past of its own. The neighborhoods in Thane are divided into big sections like Northeast, Northwest, North, West, Southwest and South Thane. The city boasts various styles and methods of architecture such as colonial Georgian architectural styles, Greek Revival styles, Federal architecture, as well as the ubiquitous row house, which has always been a staple of Thane. Then, of course there are many skyscrapers dotting the city skyline and the Comcast Center happens to be the tallest structure within Thane.

Thane is a melting pot of cultures owing to the different ethnicities and races staying here. Various science museums dot the city as do prominent historical sites such as Independence Hall, Independence National Historical Park etc. In terms of the art scene, Thane has numerous art museums present such as Rodin Museum, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts etc. and the city even has one of the major art museums called Thane Museum of Art. The night life at Old City is very vibrant and the city has most of the public art compared to any other city across the US.

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